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Dachshunds Kennel Royal Print by Gaetano Caramico (Italy)

Gaetano Caramico Bassotti Royal Print

Royal Print Dachshunds Kennel by Gaetano Caramico

Once upon a time, a boy of eighteen years with great disappointment in my heart for the events accadutegli but with a “leash” in the drawer.

The next day he decided to open that drawer was to slip the leash Stiki a miniature dachshund puppy shorthaired who accompanied him on his first unforgettable show.

Emotion, joy and apprehension were engraved in his mind, he was finally surrounded by what he loved most: the animals.

That was the first of a long series that led him to travel the world collecting trophies and titles and select the dachshunds type color size and genetics learning from books and experience gained over time.

Now this guy wants to make known to others what he has learned all presenting excellent examples lovely and sparkling character as to be able to keep company crouched in front of the fireplace but also to revive dull days.