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Wirehaired dachshund Kennel Royal Print

bassotti pelo duro

The Dachshund, also called Deckel or Teckel, has been known since the Middle Ages. Hounds (bracken) were constantly bred dogs specially suitable for hunting below ground. From these dogs, short legged, stared at the Dachshund, recognized as one of the hunting breeds more polivlenti. It also gets excellent results on the surface, stalking game, scovandola, and like a dog to track blood.

In the classification FCI Group 4 is the one that contains the minimum number of races, there are nine different varieties of Dachshund, which differ in the hair and height. FCI-Enci standard

All types of Dachshund have common origin. Has very ancient origins. Some experts argue that an ancestral form of this breed, accompanied the pharaonic guards during the Middle Kingdom in 2100-1700 BC about.

The wire-haired dachshund or coarse hair, comes from the intersection of the short-haired Dachshund Schnauzer and Dandie Dinmont.

With exception of muzzle, eyebrows and ears, the whole body is covered with hair hardcoat, uniformly thick and tight with undercoat. The muzzle has a beard. The eyebrows are bushy. On the ears the hair is shorter and almost smooth compared to the rest of the body. The tail is fitted evenly with hair snugly.


Mostly light to dark wild boar color as well as color blonde and chocolate, it is also equally as described for the color of the hair short a) through c) of the standard Enci-FCI, then black and tan and those clowns.

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